Table Saw

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Table Saw

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Choose among hundreds of powerl tools and building supplies available on our online store.

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Compact Design

Most compact design with a head length of 5.4-Inch, allowing the tool to be used in tight and hard to reach places with increased comfort. Optimized Impact Performance: Provides the best runtime and control for small to medium duty fastening jobs.

  • Compact multipurpose tool
  • Boosted productivity
  • One-year limited warranty

Superior Ergonomics

Slim, soft grip provides maximum comfort and control during fastening applications. The toll has Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) – increases battery lifetime by preventing damage caused by misuse.

More Power

Optimized impact performance provides the best runtime and control, and optimized torque limits stripping and cam out of screws and shearing off of screw heads. In fact, the IDS181 line delivers 42 percent more runtime compared to similar in-class competitors, along with 15-Percent less torque and 10-Percent more speed for the best application control.

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